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Chicago Bears Schedule Analysis

April 15, 2009

So I debated whether or not to do a schedule analysis of the Bears’ schedule, because in my opinion it’s kind of a waste of time. There’s 100 different ways (okay slight exaggeration) to break down and analyze the schedule and what it means as far as possible wins and losses for the Bears.

The most popular way it so look at the regular season winning percentage of these opponents that are lined up on the Bears’ schedule. So by that formula the Bears face the easiest schedule in the league, which is odd because they also face the two teams that were in the Super Bowl, (Cardinals and Steelers) and the two teams that were in the conference championship games (Ravens and Eagles).

What really isn’t taken into account in the winning percentage formula is that the Bears face the 0-16 Detroit Lions twice a year which brings down the winning percentage all on it’s own. The likelihood the Lions finish 0-16 for a second consecutive year also complicates the schedule analysis.

Honestly I prefer to look at it one way and one way only. The Chicago Bears have 16 games of which they need to win 10 to likely make the playoffs. From there it is probably best that the Bears win 12 games for a home field advantage and give themselves the best shot at a deep playoff run.