About Monsters of the Midway Illustrated

So the obvious question:

Why no monstersofthemidway.wordpress.com?

Because some douche bag Florida Gators fan who added one blog post in November of 2007 and then quit blogging took the name.

I am a multimedia nut, journalism, photography, videography, radio broadcasting and production. I’ve done it all, but I love to write and have a lot to say. I live in the Chicagoland area now and have always had an extreme love and passion for the Chicago Bears. So I figured what the hell, let’s see if I can write some shit, and if people will want to read said shit.

Eve with said shit being posted the question is will I find people to read and comment and discuss it on this site. People will only keep coming back if there is discussion going on. Well we shall see, less than a week up and running we’re doing ok. Bit by bit trying to get the name out there.

If you like what you see here then say so, if you don’t then say so too. I have thick skin, I can take it, dish out let’s see what you have to offer and what you can back it up with.

Look forward to your contributions to the discussion thanks for helping to waste an otherwise productive work day.


3 Responses to “About Monsters of the Midway Illustrated”

  1. foolishbanter Says:

    Hello, i just saw you left a comment on my page. Just wondering how you came across it, as I literally just started it and I haven’t even added anything besides the about me. Let me know! Down with Arizona!

  2. Steve Says:

    I just ventured across this site after reading Brad Biggs blog on the Suntimes site and seeing a link to this site in the comments section. You need to advertise at least by leaving links to this site in comment boards on Chicagosports, ESPN etc.

    • monstersofthemidwayillustrated Says:

      Thanks for the props Steve. I appreciate the feedback. I promote a few places, the chicagobears official site, I have promoted a bit here on the Tribune and I’m also affiliated with ballhype.com, ultimatefootballnetwork.com and other places here and there. I’ve had a pretty narrow focus as far as promotion goes, but I’ve been fairly successful in my promotion in the few weeks this blog has been up and running.

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