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NFL Total Access: Warren Sapp’s Top-5 QBs in the league

July 24, 2009

Warren Sapp ran through his Top-5 Best in the Biz segment on NFL Total Access. As part of their lead in pre-season football coverage the folks at NFLTA are taking the time to voice their opinions on the best players at each position in the league.

Chicago Bears fans should be happy to know that Warren Sapp has Jay Cutler rated as the fifth best QB in the league behind Donovan McNabb at four, Drew Brees at three, Peyton Manning at two and Tom Brady at number one best quarterback in the league.

The props to Cutler were for the way he carried the Denver Broncos’ offense last year with over 4,500 yards passing and 25 touchdowns. Cutler is what obviously everyone has been talking about since the Bears made the trade back in April.

From here on out all the talk will mostly be about Cutler or related to Cutler since he is the first franchise level QB the Bears have had in the modern era of the NFL.

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