Matt Forte still nursing hamstring inury from OTAs

Matt Forte is supposed to be healthy. However is he really healthy? We may never know due to the spin that comes out of Halas Hall. This much we do know, Forte has been held out of most the contact drills and other drills that may put stress on an injury.

The Bears are only being cautious they say, but given the history that comes out of Halas Hall in the way of “cautious” talk we’ll never know fully how bad Forte’s injury really is. What is certain though is Kevin Jones and Garrett Wolf’s work load has increased during the first part of camp.

Forte injured his hamstring in the second of the last week of OTAs and has been held since. There is reason to be overly cautious with Forte though. He’s the franchise runner, and most great teams win with a great runner like Forte. So Forte can take his time coming back from his injury and giving the guys behind him a chance to develop and get comfortable.

Forte getting some reps in the pre-season and practice is a need as well. Forte only averaged 3.9 yards per carry last year. For all the yards he had and all the press he got for his skills, the Bears’ rushing attack overall wasn’t at an overall elite level for team league wide stats.

Jay Cutler’s presence and improved play from the OTs will help Forte the most. But the most important thing is for him to be healthy and ready to play in week one against the Packers.

For more in-depth discussion on the Chicago Bears’ training camp go to Midway Illustrated

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