Marcus Harrison out for the start of training camp

Promising second year defensive tackle Marcus Harrison was placed on the non-football injury reserve list today. Harrison showed up at camp on the high side of the weight scale.

Harrison was expected to come into camp with the promise of taking over the starting NT spot opposite of Tommie Harris. Harrison looked very explosive as a rookie draft pick last year. Earning a solid spot in the rotation before he admittedly hit a rookie wall.

His play though made him look like this would have been a big break through year for him. He was a solid pass rusher from the NT spot and was a pretty immovable object at the point of attack. His best strength though was his speed and his ability to get up the field fast and stretch out running plays thus giving Briggs and Urlacher a chance to make the tackle.

The news comes as an extreme disappointment to coach Lovie Smith given Harrison’s overall talent and the fact that Dusty Dvoracek has yet to finish a full season of football in his first three years in the league.

Harrison blamed the weight gain problem on personal issues he’s had to deal with in the off-season.

Harrison will have to drop the weight before he gets into the practice rotation and we’ll see exactly how long that takes and where that puts him in the eyes of the coaching staff.

It’s likely that Harrison will struggle for some time to work his way out of the dog house he has found himself in at this early stage of training camp.

For in-depth discussion regarding the start of camp and the excitement moving forward check out the forums at Midway Illustrated.

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