NFL Network Top Off-Season Acquistions: Jay Cutler

From the no duh department Marshall Faulk spoke about the Chicago Bears and their off-season acquisition of quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler came from the Broncos via trade from the Denver Broncos giving the Bears their first ever true franchise QB of the modern NFL era.

What Faulk touched on in his analysis however surely sits well with Bears fans.

Faulk basically stated the Bears are a legitimate Super Bowl contender in the NFC with the addition of Cutler. So long as Cutler as there the Bears will be a contender likely for the next five years or more according to Faulk.

Cutler makes the players around him instantly better according to the analysis from the future hall of fame RB. Faulk stated that Devin Hester instantly becomes a better receiver and Greg Olsen surely will have a major break out year at tight end.

The importance of this off-season acquisition cannot be over stated. Cutler in my opinion does make the Bears an instant contender in a wide open NFC division. The fact of the matter is there is not one real elite team in the NFC. Sure the Panthers, Cardinals, Eagles, Giants and Vikings all look like they could end up in the Super Bowl.

The Bears however fit into that category as well. The Giants were the pick last year in the NFC and were well on their way to fulfilling that optimism until the Plaxico Burress problem. After that they promptly fell apart and were eliminated from the playoffs.

The Giants look extremely one-dimensional with their running game. Sure Eli Manning can make plays, but just like the Bears their receivers struggle to make plays for the younger Manning leaving a lot of doubt surrounding the G-Men.

In Philadelphia Donovan McNabb enjoyed a renaissance season last year after being benched. There is not guarantees that he’ll be able to will them to the playoffs with their putrid running game.

These NFC East powerhouses are again the likely favorites but are not two teams that the Bears have to worry about.

Marshall Faulk was on target with his analysis and I think we all look forward to him being proven right. The Bears are a contender and if they get playoff games at Soldier Field, then anything is possible in 2009.

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