NFL Network Roundtable discussion, best players in the league

The NFL network recently had a segment between Jamie Dukes and Solomon Wilcots on the best players in the league heading into the 2009 season. No one player on the Bears made on the list for 2009, but I obviously wouldn’t be writing an article if a Chicago Bears player wasn’t mentioned at some point during the debate.

After discussing the best players in the league for 2009 the question was, outside of their Top-5 or Top-8 whatever number they argued between, who would be in the list in 2010.

Wilcots was emphatic and didn’t even hesitate when he state emphatically that Jay Cutler is a player that could be on the list of top-5 players in the league regardless of position.

This is yet another commentary of respect shown to Jay Cutler since his arrival in Chicago.

Wilcots did mention yes that there were the INT numbers and they were high. But he followed it up with this basic point “yes the interception numbers were high but he had to take chances. That’s how he was coached by Shannahan because he didn’t have a defense.”

The intangibles that Wilcots went on to point have become obvious to Bears fans over the past few months. Quoting Wilcots “He’s got a laser lock of an arm (Cutler), he can make plays in the pocket out of the pocket. He can take that team to another level. If he does that in Chicago and takes that team where other quarterbacks haven’t been able to take them, HE MAKES THAT LIST.”

Top five players in the league, with eye-popping numbers in his third year Cutler could very well end up in that category. Over 4,500 yards passing 25 touchdowns it all speaks volumes to Cutler’s ability.

The key thing I hope Wilcots keeps an eye on though is not so much the mind blowing stats as much as Cutler being a leader on this team. A very good season would get the job done in Chicago. Over 3,500 yards passing and another 25 touchdowns while cutting his turnovers in half would to me be worthy of Pro Bowl consideration.

The most important thing for Cutler in Chicago is to make plays when they are needed. Help sustain drives, keep the defense off the field early in games so they have stamina left in the fourth quarter. Sure the big plays to Devin Hester and Johnny Knox would be huge for this offense.

What the Bears need the most though is a QB who makes plays when it counts.

To discuss this topic more in depth go to Midway Illustrated


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