Late Round Prospect Preview: Taurus Johnson

Taurus Johnson is one of many wide receiver prospects the Bears have scouted over. The most scouted position to this point of the private workout, invite to Halas Hall list has been the receiver position. So unless it’s the biggest smoke screen in the history of the league, you can bet that the Bears will be taking a receiver.

The question is at what point in the draft will make their choice? There’s a possibility that they go with an offensive tackle like Phil Loadholt at 49. Loadholt is one of the other players the Bears have scouted thoroughly leading up to the draft. Perhaps they go with a safety at 49 like Louis Delmas or Alabama’s Rashad Johnson. That means they’d likely address receiver later in the draft. Johnson most likely may be best had as a second receiver option if the Bears want to add depth to the talent after scoring a receiver in round two or three.

A prospect who they may look at in that later round category is Taurus Johnson. Johnson is not the ideal size, speed, ability talent that you’d like to see. His size is 6-foot 206-pounds, his speed is average in the mid 4.4 range. His route running and ability to beat the jam are all average too. But average doesn’t mean he can’t be coached or improved upon. He’s a receives that does things good, just doesn’t have one thing that stands out above everything else. He has good hands so that should translate well given perceived weaknesses everywhere else on the scouting report.

Johnson was an NFL combine invite which means he was respected enough as a player to earn that invite that not all good players receiver. Elsewhere across the scouting world Johnson doesn’t get a lot of respect.

There is no real reason to think the Bears will take Johnson anywhere earlier than the sixth round, his stock doesn’t warrant anything higher than that. He’s a late round free agency guy, who may get an invite to camp.


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