Prospect Preview: Robert Brewster

There is just something about Robert Brewster that I have always liked. Every time I read about him scouts have nothing but good things to say about this kid. I was beginning to wonder if the Bears were simply happy with how he looked at the combine and then his pro-day as to reasons why they had overlooked him to this point for a private workout. Then word came down today from the Sun Times that the Bears did indeed spend some quality time recently with the Ball State product. 90 minutes in the classroom and also going over a lot of things out on the field.

Brewster like Kraig Urbik is another kid that exemplifies quality in an offensive lineman. Brewster doesn’t have all the top qualities that make him a first round pick, but he does a lot of things well and may even be a victim of the offense the Cardinals run.

What offense is it that can cause an otherwise sound prospect to dip a bit in the draft? None other than the dreaded spread offense that has most OTs in a pass blocking two-point stance set. So there’s not a lot of tape out there in which these OTs stick their hand in the dirt and absolutely maul the guy in front of them. The Bears especially are going to as has been driven into the collective heads of the Windy city faithful, GET OF THE BUS RUNNING, so naturally they want OTs who do that. The great thing is, is developing a prospect into a sound run blocker isn’t all that hard to do. Making a pass blocker out of them is different because if they don’t have natural balance, agility, and quickness those are qualities you can’t coach.

So with Brewster the Bears if they draft him will be getting a quality athlete who at 6-foot-4 325-pounds has the the NFL minimums sewn up. Brewster is a load and not a fat load, he’s quick he’s athletic and he’s got the weight needed to be that RT or perhaps guard prospect the Bears are in the market for.


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