NFL draft pick value chart, and Bears trade options

For all the talk about the Bears trading up, to land a wide receiver at the back end of the first round or the high end of the second round there is a value system in place that most teams follow in regards the value of the slot they hold in the draft.

Each pick is assigned a point value and the value of each pick decreases as the draft picks move along. So in order to move up in the draft the Bears would probably have to give up more than what they really have. The Bears can’t trade their third round compensatory pick they received via the Bernard Berrian free agency deal. So the value they have to offer to move up is lessened quite a lot.

Just to move up to the last pick in the first round which is the 32nd overall pick in the draft the Bears would have to nearly match the point value of the 32nd pick which is 590. The value of the Bears’ second round draft pick is 410. There is 180 draft pick value points to be made up in order to equal the 590 that the 32nd overall pick is worth. The Bears’ fourth round selection #119 is worth 56 points leaving another 124 points to be made up in the draft pick point value system.

As you can see based just on that swap alone there is major obstacles facing the Bears and any attempt to move up to draft a player such as Hakeem Nicks, Kenny Britt or arguably Brian Robiskie.

NFL Draft Pick Value Chart


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