Prospect Preview WR Kenny Britt

Is it all possible that Kenny Britt will still be on the board when the Bears draft in the second round? The 49th pick overall is the first pick the Bears have in the draft, after the Jay Cutler trade. What is the potential that they would trade up to land a prospect like Britt at the back end of the first round or the front end of the second round?

We won’t have these questions answered until the day of the draft, but this much is certain based on Britt’s size, speed, athletic ability and his rising stock he may be one of the most intriguing prospects the Bears are scouting personally.

Ron Turner took in Kenny Britt’s pro-day personally, plus the Bears worked him out privately to even further evaluate this 6-foot-3 210-pound wide receiver prospect. Britt is intriguing because in everything he does, he does it well. At his pro-day he dropped one pass the entire workout session, and improved his 40-yard-dash time running a 4.48 and a 4.47. He showed solid hands the ability to keep the ball out in front of him instead of letting it get into his body. Plus he is a strong receiver a great prospect for his run after the catch ability and a player who is not afraid to go over the middle and bowl over CBs and safeties to get those tough extra yards. Perhaps the most underrated aspect of his game is his willingness to block in the run game.

Some of the negatives reported by scouts are that at times he drops passes from a lack of concentration and his route running is not as polished as scouts would like. The thing is you really have to dig deep to find negatives about Kenny Britt because he has shown to be productive and consistent. His production level doesn’t lie
rec yards avg TDs
2007 13 62 1,232 19.9 8
2008 12 87 1,371 15.8 7

Plus he is the all-time leading receiver in the Big East conference.

Mike Mayock of the NFL network rates him as the fifth best WR prospect on the draft board which is about as high as I’ve seen him rated.

Areas of concern some scouts say his hands aren’t as consistent as you’d like. Plus there are rumors of attitude problems and a cocky attitude that may cause him to slide on some draft boards.

Personally I don’t think is a real lack of a problem from Britt when you see his level of production throughout his career. Not every prospect the Bears will be scouting will be an ideal top-5 prospect who comes in and makes an immediate impact on the level that a lot of fans are hoping for. Receiver is a very complicated position to learn and develop in, but you take probably the best positives you can find out of a prospect and make your draft decision based on that.

Britt fits that role almost ideally to what the Bears need, he is tall, long arms, big hands and again the willingness to block is what the Bears need in this offense in the first place.

Fans can come along and nitpick Britt for this or that, prospects at this point have been analyzed again and again. Negatives can be found on even the best of them. But for my money I am comfortable with any receiver the Bears go after that has the attributes that Britt brings to the table.

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2 Responses to “Prospect Preview WR Kenny Britt”

  1. David M Says:

    I see you like quoting mike mayock. I find him to be the best of the tv analysts and I trust his opinions for their insight and accuracy.

    I used to watch espn and stuff but I am growing tired of Kiper, but now I just use for the football videos.

    Kenny Britt would be a great find for the Bears if he lasts to 49. I figure he is one of the 7 receivers to be chosen in the top 50 or so of the draft.

    • monstersofthemidwayillustrated Says:

      I’m big on Mayock because he does a half hour show every day on the NFL Network called “Path to the Draft” where they cover all the Pro-Days, workouts, show coach’s tape all of it.

      Instead of having to painfully watch Sports Center every day and risk the chance of hearing Stewart Scott run his mouth or Steven A. Smith talk about how much he loves Kobe Bryant to get to a draft segment I get a half hour of analysis by people who have actually played the game.

      It’s all fine and dandy what Mel Kiper Jr does he is the originator, but Kiper and Todd McShay have their obvious bias that they let into their reporting where as Mayock just takes it for what it is.

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