Angelo becomes the savior of Chicago, Jay Cutler is a Chicago Bear

When no one thought it was possible, no one thought Jerry Angelo had the brass sack to get it done Angelo pulled off a major coup today on April 2nd 2009 and traded for and got QB Jay Cutler. No Bears fans it is not a misprint or a 24 hour late April Fool’s Day joke. Jay Cutler is coming to play for his childhood favorite Chicago Bears.

This is a day that one way or another will go down as an earth shattering moment in the history of the Chicago Bears. For better or worse Jerry Angelo has cemented his legacy in the Windy City. The Bears have their future franchise QB and they are now the toast of the town.

While I can wax on about the negatives, this much is clear the Bears got their man, gave up what they felt necessary to get him and they have my full support. I am on cloud nine with excitement at this move because if you’re a long suffering Bears fan you didn’t think a move like this was possible.

Turns out the move is real and the Bears got their man and according to Jon Clayton of ESPN the Bears become the instant favorite in the race for the NFC North. The Bears are now assured a playoff spot with Cutler and depending how things shape up elsewhere in the league it could be playoff games in Chicago at Soldier Field, where as we know ANYTHING can happen.

In the trade the Bears give up their first round pick #18 overall, their first round pick in 2010 their third round pick this year and QB Kyle Orton. In return the Bears receive Cutler and a fifth round pick from the Denver Broncos.

Cutler instantly becomes one of the best QBs in the NFC based on stats alone and youth and potential ahead of him. He arguably is now the most talented QB with potential to be great because of his rocket arm and his level of production. Regardless of my previous feelings on the matter, I can say that Cutler does have a world of potential and some production to back it up.

Here is hoping that Cutler can be the best quarterback in the history of the Chicago Bears.


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4 Responses to “Angelo becomes the savior of Chicago, Jay Cutler is a Chicago Bear”

  1. David M Says:

    Solid pick up, but I think the price tag was too high. Thats just me though.

    Seems like angelo is feeling the pressure to win now as opposed to later. Otherwise, wouldnt he have considered trading up to get a QB or something?

    • monstersofthemidwayillustrated Says:

      The success rate for QBs drafted in the first round is way to low.

      On top of that, I don’t feel either Sanchez or Stafford is worth trading up for to try and land.

      Compounding it the success rate for underclassmen (juniors or third years sophomores) is even worse.

      So no there was no way you could trade up and risk it. Did we give up to much? I don’t know I can’t say that we did one way or another. Depends on how well Cutler turns out, it’s a risk reward scenario that is very high.

  2. Doug Baker Says:

    Nice post and I totally agree with you. Drafting a QB is in no way as good as getting a proven QB. Regardless of the pundits, 1st round QBs are a total crapshoot.

  3. Herbert Tena Says:

    l am not sure yet , l reserve jugment untill Cutler show me he can beat Green Bay and Minnessota like Orton and Rex Grossman used to do.

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