Let the hypervenelating begin, Jay Cutler on the trading block

It’s official the Denver Broncos are offering up QB Jay Cutler on the open trading market. It’s official Bears fans have reached a new level of excitement typically reserved for possible Super Bowl aspirations.

This just in, the April fool’s joke will be a day early as the Bears will be very unlikely to make a move for Cutler. Shocking to Bears fans everywhere I know but the amount of disgust and disdain Jerry Angelo is about to have heaped upon him even before Cutler is traded to another team and AFTER he is traded to another team will be quite unfair and despicable in it’s scale and deep rooted hatred.

The level of bitterness has already been shown this off-season, even before Cutler was officially on the market. The level of venom spewed Angelo’s way in the next month will be on another level.

But the level of hypocrisy shown by Bears fans will come out as well. Most Bears fans won’t admit that Aaron Rodgers is essentially at the same level of talent as Jay Cutler, nor will they admit their nearly identical seasons.

Comp Att % Att/G Yds AYPC AYPG TDs INTs RTG
A. Rodgers 341 536 63.6 33.5 4,038 7.5 252.4 28 13 93.8
J. Cutler 384 616 62.3 38.5 4,526 7.3 282.9 25 18 89.0

Yet Bears fans would not mortgage their future if Aaron Rodgers were on the trading block. They wither away in disgust with the thought that Aaron Rodgers is somehow a franchise QB, is somehow one of the top QBs in the league. No way do the Packers have a QB capable of yet another largely productive career.

Cutler is a once in a decade QB, on the level of….wait what Scott Mitchell? That couldn’t be possible, or is it? Scott Mitchell had a big arm and a majorly successful season as well. 1995 Mitchell turned in this season with the Detroit Lions.
comp att % yds TDs AYPC AYPG INT
S. Mitchell 346 583 59.3 4338 32 12.5 271 12

So Chicago Bears fans want to mortgage their future for a player that has been as productive as Aaron Rodgers and Scott Mitchell. Trade #18 our second rounder and a third for Cutler? What would you give up to land Cutler?

Me personally I’ll stick with Orton and see how thing pan out for him and then go in a different direction in 2010. Should the Bears shock the world however and trade for and land Cutler, he will have my full support and hope for a multiple Pro-Bowl appearance level career.

Updated: Reports are already surfacing that the Bears are entered in to the Jay Cutler sweepstakes. I support the move by the franchise to make the call and attempt to get a deal done. I ask though at what price? Yes I feel Cutler could make the Chicago Bears a better team, but no I don’t feel like he has the potential to put up a stat line on par with some of the great ones Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner or you could go back to the good to great ones from 80s and 90s. Cutler doesn’t have the mental make up to be on a level with those guys, otherwise he wouldn’t be whining about the current situation, and the Broncos wouldn’t be so willing to cut ties.

We have to ask ourselves many different questions about Cutler, is he more than just a rocket arm and a 4,500 yard passing season? His TDs to INT stats from last year are a cause for concern, his win-loss record is a concern and the way he folds up like a cheap cot in the face of Phillip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers is of even greater concern. To me Cutler could be a good QB maybe on the same level of what Jake Delhomme and Matt Hasselback have been.

But to be that QB that has the mental make up to be great, at this point in time Cutler has not shown even an inkling of that type of intelligence or that type of intangible. He is still an unknown quantity who could come at a very high price.

There is a certain level of buyer beware that you notice upon further examination of Cutler’s resume and credentials.


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5 Responses to “Let the hypervenelating begin, Jay Cutler on the trading block”

  1. james Says:

    Lets not forget that prior to last year Kitna threw for over 4000 yards in back to back years with the Lions . Cutler has thrown for over 400 yards and that puts him like 3rd in the league but in every other major category he is not nearly as high . Cutler had a quarterback rating of 87 while Rivers led the league with a 101 rating and threw for 4000 yards . The yardage stat has everyone saying franchise player when he is really not on that level because if he was the Broncos ownership wouldve never let Mcdaniels even take the job .

    How many franchise QB’s get dealt before even one season with a first time HC ? How many ownership teams would even allow it to be discussed .

    • monstersofthemidwayillustrated Says:

      Excellent point for your argument and thanks for taking the time to come on my blog and state your opinion. I greatly appreciate your input into the discussion.

  2. David M Says:

    I have to agree with the Kitna argument. Cutler is a good, not great quarterback as of right now.

    He is maybe the best available QB, but he was surrounded by heaps of offensive talent last season. I would trade a 1st rounder for him, but not much else. In fact, as a Lions fan, the only deal I would consider would have to be swapping 1st round picks, and maybe giving up a second or something. Frankly, I think the main reason the lions were going after Cutler in the first place was that a 2nd rounder for him is an absurdly good deal. If any team wants to give up 2 high picks or more, then that seems silly.

  3. Will Says:

    Cutler to the DA Bears! How do you think Jay Cutler will fair in Chicago? I don’t know if he can take criticism very well, may not be a good fit. Plus no WRs to throw to!

    • monstersofthemidwayillustrated Says:

      I am pretty impressed that the Bears chose to make this move. I am surprised and happy at the same time. I have talked extensively about why I didn’t want the Bears to make this move and stuck up for Angelo, if he did not make the move.

      But he did make the move he had my support if he did do it and I still support the move regardless. I can say he overpaid, I can whatever I want but the bottom line is it cements Angelo’s legacy, for better or worse.

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