Report: Bears did inquire about Cutler

The above headline is perhaps unfathomable for most Chicago Bears fans. Not after the way this off-season has gone thus far with the signings of Frank Omiyale, Josh Bullocks and Brett Basanaez everyone assumed that the off-season free agency action for the Bears was over. Because Jerry Angelo didn’t come forth at the Chicago Bears’ mini-camp and profess his undying love for the idea of trading half his defensive roster of has beens and his draft picks of never will be’s (even though those players have yet to be drafted) Bears fans were, are ready to lynch Jerry Angelo.

Thing is a reportemerged today on Yahoo Sports about some of the teams interested in trading for Jay Cutler. Low and behold there in one sentence worth of interest was the team, the Chicago Bears. So while the Chicago media, sports talk airwaves and fan base were in full riot and melt down mode, one thing happened behind the scenes. The Bears made a play for Cutler, an inquiry to find out his availability and if in fact he was available via trade.

Problem is as has been stated a lot lately over the past few days by Broncos staff and their head coach Cutler is not currently available (at least publicly) and they have no future plans to trade him. The question is why would the Broncos WANT to trade him? A player can demand a trade, teams can then inquire about that player via trade, but in the end the Broncos have to be actual willing trade partners.

No one knows precisely how willing the Broncos are, but what we do know is that Josh McDaniels still wants at least one more one on one meeting with Cutler. He wants one last chance to clear the air, face to face one man to another with no agent and no GM involved. Will this meeting actually happen? No one can say, but if it doesn’t happen or it does and the rumors do in fact begin to swirl Bears’ fans can relax a little and let things play out.

There is no way to know until it happens precisely how much interest the Bears have, what they offered or how far the talks went if even beyond a small inquiry. But if the management DOES choose to trade for Cutler, that is their choice and I’ll support the move. However the Bears choose to go forward and state emphatically that “Kyle Orton is our quarterback” and even come out publicly within the next 24 to 48 hours state this report as erroneous and false (likely to avoid causing any waves with their current starter) I’ll support that too.

One thing is for sure, Angelo has my support for the moment, with a big franchise changing even on the horizon with the 2009 NFL draft.

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