Bears add 3rd round compensatory pick

While most Chicago Bears fans are pretty satisfied that the Chicago Bears earned a third round pick as compensation for the Bernard Berrian loss in free agency, they may want to stop and think it through. Fans and media personalities alike have been screaming at the top of their lungs into an echo chamber for nearly a month now for Jerry Angelo to do something in free agency. Land a big name prospect at either WR, OT, S, or QB. Their pleas have only fallen upon deaf ears as Angelo has turned his full focus and attention to the NFL draft.

By receiving the #99 overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft it gives the Chicago Bears four picks in the first 100 picks of the NFL draft. This scenario strengthens the likelihood that Jerry Angelo will do even less in free agency given that four of the top 100 prospects in the NFL draft will be on the Chicago Bears roster in 2009.

The Bears can now draft players to fill four positions of need or draft four players to address any of the four positions of need on the team they have. The best way to address this situation would be to draft on extra player at one of the other positions of need and save the QB for the fourth round or later. The best scenario would be to take two O-Linemen a safety and a WR or two WRs an OT and a safety, strengthening and developing youth at two of the most important positions of need on the team. The additional pick also gives the Bears more flexibility in addressing the defensive end pass rush need or the need for a strong side LB.

There are a number of ways the Bears can now go with the list of players in the Top-100 given the Bears a plethora of options. A lot of good O-Lineman exist in the area betwen 50 to 100. Additionally solid WR talent is also to be had between picks 50 and 100. Within the coming weeks we’ll preview some of those prospects individually that may best first into the Bears draft needs between picks 40 and 100.

While it may feel like a good thing to have four picks amongst the first 100 in the NFL draft, the pressure is added to Angelo to get it right even more. Now more than ever the Bears need to be successful in the draft and this time any small screw up should cost Angelo his job.


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