Bears continue to have high interest in OT

With word coming out of the NFL news world that John St. Clair has received a contract offer from the Cleveland Browns on his visit it is safe to look at other potential options at RT. In this case one option that the Bears seem to be quite high on. This prospect has been followed fairly consistently since the Senior Bowl.

Who is the prospect? None other than Oklahoma Sooner OT Phil Loadholdt who played LT in Norman but will be a sure fire RT in the NFL. The Bears followed Loadholdt closely during the Senior Bowl week, interviewed and scouted him at the NFL combine, were there at his first pro-day workout, will be there today at his second pro-day workout, and have invited him in for a private workout at Halas Hall.

I have followed Loadholdt pretty intensely since the combine workouts and I can tell you that he would be a good selection in the second round. Most coaches in the NFL like having a big massive player manning the RT position. That’s exactly the type of player Loadholdtd is at 6-7 335-pounds, a massive man. At time he has struggled with his weight but he his showing the work ethic to get that under control.

The only concerns I have regarding Loadholdt is the fact that he ONLY projects as a RT in the NFL. He would really work out or fit into the profile that the Bears like which is a player who can play multiple positions. He does have slow feet, is not going to work in space on the outside very well and teams could hurt the Bears if they choose to flip their best rusher to the right side to take advantage of Loadholdt’s lack of athletic ability. My observations though say he would work out quite well as a run blocker based on the pro-style offense the Sooners already run. He is used to going out there and pushing people around.

Overall the Bears seem to be pretty enamored with Loadholdt given all the time they have spent scouting him. My observations aside if the Bears like him in the second round I wouldn’t complain, but if there are other more athletic prospects available it may make more sense to draft them ahead of him. Loadholdt just doesn’t have a ton of athletic ability, he’s pretty big, pretty powerful, but lacks what may be considered average feet for an NFL OT.

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