Two safeties to try out during mini-camp

Even with the signing of free agent safety Josh Bullocks to a one year contract the Bears are bring in two veterans for a mini-camp try out. Safeties Glenn Earl and Curome Cox will be participating in the veterans mini-camp in the hopes of earning a shot for a training camp invite.

Earl has spent the last two years recovering from lins franc surgery on his foot which caused him to miss all of 2007 and he was cut during training camp 2008 by the Houston Texans. Lins franc surgery is notorious for being a hell of an injury to recover from and if Earl is recovered and still has skills left over from earlier in his career may at least give the Bears a fair barometer to measure against their current safety talent.

Earl is a 6-foot-1 217-pound safety prospect that had a decent career going for himself before the injury derailed him. If anything it will keep Josh Bullocks and Craig Steltz’s attention during mini-camp. Cox on the other hand has never had much more than a backup role with any club. His career numbers are no where near on par with Earl’s but it’s keeping with what position the Bears need to address.

2 Responses to “Two safeties to try out during mini-camp”

  1. BEAR-A-HOLIC Says:

    Where the hell do they find these players, is there a list of unwanted players? I have a question for you…where do the McJokeskey family make their money? Is it just from the Bears or do they have something else on the side, you know like a real company? Are they the least well off owners in the league?

    • monstersofthemidwayillustrated Says:

      Honestly no the McCaskey’s have no other former business venture that makes them multi-millionaires or one time billionaires.

      George Halas founded and owned the original Chicago Bears, his daughter Virginia Halas-McCaskey inherited the team, she married singer and salesman Ed McCaskey…their son Mike McCaskey gets the team after Virginia dies.

      So yes their primary income is from the Chicago Bears so they won’t do much to hurt their profits.

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