MMI Chicago Bears roster moves

The Bears have made three roster moves in the last 24 hours none of which dramatically shape what we already knew from a few weeks ago.

John Tait’s retirement became official this week, just in time for him to avoid any problems with mandatory mini-camp next week. Tait’s retirement was announced in mid February and it means the Bears will replace the veteran RT. Re-signing John St. Clair is an organization priority, but not an MMI priority. St. Clair already playing the waiting game to the point he may be a hold out through mandatory mini-camp means he is overstating his own value on the open market.

Not many teams are in the market for a 32-year-old backup OT who is likely commanding starters money. St. Clair needs to wake up and realize that if the Bears take an OT on day one of the draft they’ve likely drafted his replacement and he could easily be out of a job in Sept. Better get what pay he can now and make it easier on the front office on draft day by putting off a sure fire starter at RT, to probably selecting a back up option that St Clair can help groom while earning a pay check.

Elsewhere the Bears cut Terrence Metcalf thereby ending his NFL career. Metcalf was a back up guard who lasted eight years in the league which is more than what most players can say.

Also the Bears re-signed CB Marcus Hamilton to a one year deal. Hamilton will likely be on the roster briefly before being replaced by a mid to late round draft selection on the active roster in September.


2 Responses to “MMI Chicago Bears roster moves”

  1. Normy's Nuggets Says:

    No mention of the garbage free agent pick up? Come on, it should be noted that the Bears continue to please fans with yet another bust free agent pick up. Josh Bullocks will be about as loved as Adam Archuleta. How about we move Peanut to Strong Safety and sign Samari Rolle to play corner. Then go ahead and pick up Torry Holt to teach Devin and Earl how to play football. Speaking of Earl Bennett, I heard he didn’t play last year because the Bears felt they owed Marty Booker and Brandon Lloyd playing time. Way to “keep it real” Lovie. Being a Bears fan really makes me mad sometimes….well most of the time.

    • monstersofthemidwayillustrated Says:

      Actually Normy, the Bullocks article is there in this blog. It is it’s own separate story all together.

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