Alabama OT Andre Smith bombs at Pro-Day

So I’m really beginning to question if Andre Smith is the byproduct of Alabama’s successful season more than he is a product of his own play and ability. Smith had his pro-day workout yesterday and completely flopped in the process, sending up even more red flags in the lack of athleticism department as he already has in the character department.

These things we know for sure,

a) He has severe motivation and laziness problems,

b) He decided to put himself ahead of the team heading into the biggest Bowl the Alabama football team has been to in nearly a decade by having illegal contact with an agent.

c)He wasn’t all that in shape at his pro-day

d) His erratic behavior at the combine with honesty about why he wasn’t going to work out and then just up and leaving and not showing up for the combine for the second round of questioning etc also posed a problem.

So what precisely is Andre Smith and just how much of his hype is a product of playing for the University of Alabama and Nick Saban as much as the hype of the kids who come out of USC who don’t pan out to be much of a player in the NFL?

If Smith played at Ball State, UConn or Troy would he be receiving the same level of confidence from scouts that he does by coming out of Alabama? I mean the argument appears to go as such, Smith was one of the best players on one of the best team’s in all of college football so that automatically means he’s going to be a great player to select in the draft.

What’s the most intriguing to me is how Smith has gone from possible top overall pick to possibly being available to draft for the Bears at 18. Followed by questions of what to do if Smith falls there to the Bears at 18. My response is simple and quick, pass on him just like the 17 teams in front of him have passed on him.

Smith did nothing at his Pro-Day to improve his standing, granted we should not completely put to much stock in what he did in T-shirt and underwear, but his questionable work ethic really stymies any glow he has.

Smith’s 40-yard dash time was in the 5.3 range, his broad jump vertical and 19 reps on the bench press weren’t anywhere near being in the top-10 of performers at the combine, and he looked just average in his position drills. Suddenly there’s a little bit more tape watching being done on this kid, suddenly teams are taking better stock of his actual performance on the field and slowly he’s starting to fall.

To top it all off Smith’s size doesn’t really evoke images of a dominating presence anchoring the left side of an O-Line for years to come either. Smith is 6-foot-4 325-pounds, too heavy for his height, especially when you see pics of him and there appears to be a bit of an inner tube around his waist.

My opinion is that the Bears shouldn’t even bother with a kid who doesn’t have dominating size, gifted athleticism, a glowing work ethic or character, or phenomenal strength. When you put it all together, you get an average prospect who plays on one of the most storied programs in the country.


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One Response to “Alabama OT Andre Smith bombs at Pro-Day”

  1. Doug Baker Says:

    I think this guy has really damaged his draft status.

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