Bears sign safety add depth to roster

Sticking to their bargain hunter no-name player ways the Bears added safety Josh Bullocks to the roster for a one-year contract at the league minimum. Bullocks started for his first three years in New Orleans a team not exactly known for it’s strength in the secondary.

Bullocks is a fifth year pro from Nebraska who measure 6-foot-1 205-pounds and the hope is he could come in and win the starting free safety job. Bullocks was a second round pick who has averaged around 70-tackles a season the past three years.

It is frustrating that the Bears aren’t aiming at least a little higher in the free agency market than a palyer like this. The fact that he signed for the league minimum says to me there was zero interest in him from other teams and he is coming on to try and save an NFL career which at one time was considered promising given his being the eighth overall pick in the second round. There’s not a lot of positives to this signing other than to say he’s a veteran that has started and addresses an immediate need.

For a few years running the Saints have had one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL and it’s not all that reassuring that Bullocks has been a starter in the secondary during that time. On the flip side of that argument the Saints have had some old and washed up CBs back there and it has been a lot to ask their safeties to make up for their shortcomings. A fresh start could in a more safety friendly defense could do Bullocks some good.

We’ll keep an eye on him throughout mini-camp to see how he settles in to his new home.

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