Chicago Bears more focused on draft than free agency

Much to the chagrin of Bears fans, it appears the franchise will not be making anymore moves in free agency. Money is being allocated on the teams’ own free agents and the likelihood the Bears pursue a Terrell Owens or Marvin Harrison or Torry Holt appears to be slim and none.

What we do know though is the Bears have gaping holes at multiple positions on this team and they will likely live and die with who is on this team. If the Bears do address it through free agency the one advantage they have is the longer specific players stay on the market, the lower their price will automatically fall.

So what’s a Bears fan to look forward to? College Pro Days and lots of bickering by Mel Kiper Jr and Todd McShay. They fight like your average message board poster who have a disagreement and you’d like to see them get involved in a celebrity boxing match.

Making an attempt to stick up for Jerry Angelo is not very easy on the stomach. It really hurts to try and defend the lack of effort Angelo has made in signing any free agents. Trying to find the logic in his methods is very hard to.

For the sake of argument let’s try and put a method to Angelo’s madness by pointing out a few things:

The Bears have in the past have spent quite a bit of money on free agents. Usually money goes as a reward to players who have performed at a high level for the franchise.

The Bears have always been a family owned franchise with the main source of income being the revenue generated by the team. To take money and spend it hurts the family income especially in these trying economic times.

As mentioned by numerous media outlets in the Chicago area the free agency pool was a puddle at best. Sure there were a few big name free agents, but not any that you’d particularly want to get in a biddindg war over, or mortgage the future of your salary cap on. Sure 2010 looks like it would be an uncapped year, but one year uncapped isn’t going to simply be a way to buy this franchise a championship no matter how bad the fans want it.

Super Bowl championships have never been bought through major free agency moves. They’re always built through the draft and focusing primarily on the draft is head and shoulders more important to the Bears than free agency. Whether the fans like it or not this team needs to build around Matt Forte rather than Brian Urlacher. If the Bears are fortunate enough to win a championship during Urlacher’s final few years great. But the focus should be building a competitor around the strong youth. Kyle Orton is only in heading into his fifth year, Devin Hester his fourth year and so on down the line.

The Jets were the most recent team to try and buy their way into the playoffs and possible Super Bowl championship by spending an exorbitant amount of money in free agency in 2008 on Alan Faneca (most Bears fans wanted to sign him) trading for Brett Favre (the idea of landing Favre was tossed around heavily as well) and LB Calvin Pace. Pace was good for 7 sacks and $22-million in guaranteed money, Favre 22 TDs and 22 INTs (a far cry from his one last major hurrah season in Green Bay) Faneca got his big contract but is also 32-years old and a 12-year vet easily on the downside of his career.

Then cycle through the Washington Redskins’ putrid attempts to buy themselves a championship with spend anything at all costs, resurrect Joe Gibbs from the coaching retirement graveyard owner Daniel Snyder. Add in any owner that’s signed Team Obliterator (Terrell Owens) to try and turn in an instant championship and you can easily see the reasons why spending out of your minds and irresponsibly is not a sure fire recipe for success.

So the question is what should the Bears do?

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