Bears agree to new contract with RB Kevin Jones

While Deuce McAllister is still available on the free agent market the Bears chose to bring back a familiar face from last season’s roster. The Bears agreed to terms with Kevin Jones who as Matt Forte’s back up last season although he didn’ to much to take any carries away from Forte. Jones in fact began to lose carries and playing time mid way through the season, before deciding to request to play on special teams.

The last sentence is the key reason Bears fans should be content with the re-signing of Jones. While it is certainly not a block buster move to back up Forte any time you have a former 1st round draft pick that is not to selfish to request to play special teams in order to see the field, you have yourself a football player. That is what Jones is a good football player who will in fact be looking to bounce back after recovering and rehabbing his knee for over a year now.

When a player tears any knee ligament that requires major reconstructive surgery at a minimum that player needs a year to be back to 100%. Jones’ contract is a minor two-year deal that barely puts a scrape on the salary cap. He should be able to prove himself as a player this year and if not he’ll be looking for a job in 2010. It’s a big risk reward factor and Jones seems anxious to prove himself.

A class locker room guy Jones made it clear very early that he wanted to remain with the Bears organization. He is very happy with the coaches, the players, the team as a whole and wants to help the Bears get back to a solid two-headed rushing attack they experienced when they went to a Super Bowl in 2006.

Jones is precisely the type of player the Bears need, a veteran with a chip on his shoulder, willing to take a low paying contract to prove himself and get his just due when the time is right. If he can get back to a level near where he played at as a rookie it would be a huge coup for the Bears and he would likely earn a big pay day at a later date.

While there may be more attractive players out there, you can’t argue with how Jones has acted since he arrived here in Chicago. This easily was a no-brainer to make this signing we hope it pays good dividends in helping to keep Forte healthy. Anything after that is pure icing on the cake.

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