Free agency floating by, will Angelo be saved?

Jerry Angelo says he is monitoring the free agency situation, given the current economic times he is monitoring it closer than his portfolio and is being just as stingy with his assets. Bears fans are in more and more of a boiling outrage as each possible free agent drops off the list. Nate Washington to Tennessee, Fred Taylor to the Patriots, TJ Houshmanzada to the Seahawks, Mark Clayton staying in Tampa Bay.

The list of signings in the NFL is expanding by the day and Bears fans are growing ever more impatient. The Bears don’t appear to be poised to make a move and the media and fans are ready to start calling for Jerry Angelo’s head atop the highest point of the Sears Tower for all to see.

But should Chicago fans be all that surprised given the history of the Chicago Bears ownership? The Bears ownership and their cheap ways are slowly replacing the Bill Bidwill owned Arizona Cardinals as cheapskates afraid to spend in free agency to help the franchise win. There are quality free agents to be had even if the Chicago media just spent the first 24 hours of thre free agency cyle reporting that there wasn’t.

So the question is what has changed and will anything really ever? It is doubtful given that the ownership seem to earn the majority of their income from the revenue brought in by the Chicago Bears. When you have an ownership group where their only major source of income is from the franchise, they’re not likely to cut into their own money to build a winner.

More appropriately given Jerry Angelo’s public stance on coaching and motivation being reasons why the Bears have struggled to succeed you can see the direct effect of this. Angelo is being forced to see more bang out of the bucks he has spent the players here who have underperformed. His hands are tied in improving this team.

The likes of Devin Hester need to earn his pay check at WR, Earl Bennett needs to show what he’s capable of before money needs to be spent and all sorts of economical and financial reasons why the Bears ownership will keep Angelo from spending on any thing more than an OT.

The movement from here will likely be to re-sign John St. Clair and Kevin Jones and then see what receivers fall to the Bears at 18. It’s unfortunate that the fan base has to suffer through this on an annual basis, but the facts are what they are.

Only recent talk suggests that the Bears may be interested in free-agent QB Kyle Boller. Even if the Bears do sign him it may be as only a training camp style try out given their confidence in Caleb Hanie as the possible number two QB behind Orton.

Yesterday even long time friend of Jerry Angelo came to his defense stating the Bears have one of the cheapest ownership groups and that his hands are tied by McCaskey economics. The Bears will most certainly go out of their way to deny such reports, Angelo himself will probably be even more elusive and defensive to help maintain his image as a team player with the organization. But the facts from Angelo’s friend Pat Kirwan may indicate otherwise.

Will we ever see a new ownership group that is more willing to spend to succeed? Highly unlikely but given the money Angelo has managed to spend on it’s own free agents here in Chicago he will be asked to win with the money that has been spent in recent years before he will be given leeway to spend more.

One Response to “Free agency floating by, will Angelo be saved?”

  1. David M Says:

    tough situation. I never considered that things might be really bad in Chicago. Im surprised that the Bears are suffering similar circumstances to those of my long-suffering Lions. Ownership is cheap at the wrong times, and too generous in the worst places.


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