NFL Draft Scouting: WR Jeremy Maclin

So you think the Bears don’t have a chance an one of the elite receiver prospects on the board? You’re ready to see Jerry Angelo sacrificed to lord Halas and the almighty Ditka for letting TJ Houshmanzada get away to the Seattle Seahawks in free agency.

What you haven’t likely considered is that the Seahawks have more than one draft need and that Houshmanzada fills one of their most pressing needs via free agency. There by shaking up the draft, meaning that Michael Crabtree could fall beyond the Seahawks to the next team that needs a receiver, there by causing another receiver to fall.

Teams could automatically shy away from Crabtree because of his ankle problem as well. So there are now two things working in favor of the Bears landing a top WR prospect.

What type of prospect could fall to the Bears? Perhaps Jeremy Maclin of Missouri who would be just the type of dynamic player the Bears’ offense needs. Maclin is a play maker plain and simple whether he’s on special teams or whether he’s split wide.

He’s a compact strong 6-foot 190-pounds with 4.4 speed in the 40-yard dash and tremendous leaping ability to catch the ball at it’s highest point. He’s shows great body control to make the catch in traffic or adjust to the ball while in the air. Maclin may not have the ideal size, but he does have explosive play-making ability and was a productive play maker at Missouri.

Maclin had 2,776 all-purpose yards, which was an NCAA Division I-A single-season freshman record, and was the fifth-most ever by any player in a season in Division I-A history, just in 2007. In 2008 as a receiver he had 102 receptions for 1,260 yards and 13 touchdowns proving that he has little to know problem catching the ball and making plays with it. Those a very impressive production numbers for a college kid even for a spread offense.

Perhaps the only knock you can put on Maclin is that he disappeared against some of the bigger opponents in the Big-12 such as Oklahoma and Texas. In fairness to Maclin there really wasn’t another play maker on Missouri’s offense to take the pressure off of him.

While at the combine Maclin tweeked his knee and will not participate at this week’s Missouri Pro-Day. He will run at the second Missouri pro-day coming up on the 19th of March and we will have full coverage of Maclin’s workout.


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One Response to “NFL Draft Scouting: WR Jeremy Maclin”

  1. David M Says:

    I don’t care much for maclin. I would not be surprised if he was available at 14 for the Bears. I see a lot of average characteristics in him-mainly his size. 6’0 isnt big for a receiver out wide, and the statistics he put up were against horrendous big 12 offenses.
    Sure, he is a 1st rounder, but he doesnt strike me as a Calvin or Andre Johnson. Those, to me, are the only types of receivers that should go early in the first: freaks of nature 🙂

    FYI though, I am not too keen on wide receivers, in general.

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