Updated Free Agency Report: Bears may have interest in Kyle Boller

After reading this headline a collective groan just went up from the Windy City faithful. You can hear the groans, the sighs and the Miller Lite mugs being slammed down all across the city with this report.

ESPN 1000’s Jeff Dickerson today reported that the Bears may have interest in former Baltimore Ravens starting QB Kyle Boller. Boller is well-known throughout the league for how bad he’s bombed as a first round draft pick for the Ravens. He was drafted to the be franchise QB and not only lost faith from his teammates but the staff and fans in Baltimore. In short Boller is the Ravens’ version of Rex Grossman.

So why in the world would the Bears have any interest in Boller? Well he could benefit from a change of secenery by moving on from Baltimore to Chicago. He is a veteran with starter experience that could push Orton to better succeed. The likely number one reason is he can be had at a bargain basement price, probably a lower cost than any other veteran out there.

Also most other veterans like Jeff Garcia, and others probably want a fair shot at starting. Angelo has stated that Orton is the undisputed starting QB so it wouldn’t be fair to change his stance and make a drama in the media about an impending QB competition.

You’d like to think that the Bears’ management would go for a little bit better player than Kyler Boller as his career stats leave a lot to be desired. He has a career 56.9% completion percentage, and has 45 touchdowns to 44 INTs far from the minimum desired ration of two touchdowns to every one INT.

This is however what we have come to expect from the Bears and it shouldn’t be to surprising. Can the Bears do better? Yes they can, should the Bears do better, you bet. But they are going to do what they have said all along they are going to do. Not spend a lot of money in free agency on a big name player, and certainly not start a QB competition between Kyle Orton and free agency acquisition A.

If any further developments come from report, MMI will have full additional updated coverage in this blog.

Updated information provided via the Chicago Tribune confirms that the Bears still have interest in upgrading the QB position after the draft. The likely scenario is that they’ll look for a veteran with experience which further strengthens ESPN 1000’s initial report that the Bears have interest in Kyle Boller. Boller would be a nice fit for the departed Rex Grossman, because like Grossman Boller has the arm strength that Orton lacks.

With all that said after Caleb Hanie’s performance in the team’s recent mini-camp it seems the Bears plausible the Bears could stick with Hanie as their number two. Hanie has not disappointed since his arrival as an un-drafted free agent last year. Mel Kiper Jr. made the proclamation that Hanie could be the heir apparent for the starting job in two to three years. So far Kiper has been on target in this assessment. It will be interesting to see if Hanie picks up where he left off in the pre-season games last year where he showed his most ability and consistency.


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5 Responses to “Updated Free Agency Report: Bears may have interest in Kyle Boller”

  1. Doug Baker Says:

    Nice post. Boller isn’t even as good, or at least hasn’t performed as well, as Rex Grossman. Why /anyone/ would want to sign Boller is beyond me.

  2. monstersofthemidwayillustrated Says:

    Ravens fans are asking the same question about Boller that Bears fans are asking about Grossman.

    There really is no rhyme or reason to it, Boller has been awful in this league. You can’t get by with his completion percentage and INT numbers in this league.

    I’d like to say hopefully for the both of them Grossman and Boller that a change of scenery would do well for them, but looking at where each of them are at as QBs I would have to say no they won’t.

  3. D Says:

    Would rather just go with Hanie, dont really see the point?

    • monstersofthemidwayillustrated Says:

      Thanks for coming and posting on my blog I hope you come back and post some more and like what you see.

      The point for the off-season workouts, mini camp, and then training camp two a days leading up to through the pre-season is that the Bears can easily carry four QBs on the roster at one time.

      During the regular season they are restricted by the 53-man roster so you’re right there really may not be a point.

      For the sake of all activities leading up to the 53-man roster cut it wouldn’t hurt to have a veteran on the roster to compete with Hanie for the backup spot or Basanez for the third string spot. If the Bears sign Boller and he performs a lot better than expected in his new surroundings then the QB situation is going to be that much better for it.

      If he doesn’t come in and perform well in everything leading up to the 53-man roster cut, then he’ll be cut and nothing will be lost by it.

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