NFC North Draft Needs: Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are one player away from competing for the Super Bowl. Just ask fans of the Chicago Bears how they would feel if Jay Cutler were to end up with the Vikings. The Bears fans know that the Vikings are only a good to great QB away from being really dominant and having their way with the NFC North for a number of years. The fan community is in a near panic amid reports

Where does this leave the Bears? In search of a pass rush, an offensive line, some wide receivers a corner and a safety and that’s just for starters.

The Vikings meanwhile are attempting to boost their QB situation by adding Sage Rosenfels and now possibly Jay Cutler. They are fairly close to being a complete team because they already have had one of the best rush defenses in the league on an annual basis. Their pass rush improved with Jared Allen last year’s star addition which instantly bolstered their secondary as well.

Their offense is led by Adrian Peterson who is likely to be among the top five in rushing ever year for the next seven to ten years and they have old Bears receiver Bernard Berrian who while not great would greatly improve by the addition of a player like Cutler. Cutler’s strong arm and Berrian’s speed is a combo that would be deadly for the Bears’ secondary. Berrian was already deadly when he torched the Bears for a 99-yard touchdown earlier this season.

So it’s relatively simple the Vikings are adding to their depth and hoping to make a lucrative enough or enticing enough offer to possibly land Cutler. The idea of such a trade would spell doom for the Bears. There is no other way around it with the Bears teetering on the brink of being deplorable rather than great. Adding a WR in the second round would probably help to take more heat off of Berrian to get down the field more in play-action situations. The Vikings have a window of opportunity and will be silly not to cash it in. Whether or not they have the balls to remains to be seen.

To be clear, they’re not a perfect team, but they have enough of a core and talent around to be dominant in a weak NFC North and quite possibly make some noise in the playoffs if Cutler is their man.


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One Response to “NFC North Draft Needs: Minnesota Vikings”

  1. Doug Baker Says:

    The Broncos would be insane to trade Cutler now.

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