What is there more to talk about at MMI?

Thanks for a great first week, things have steadily been picking up as the week wore on. I’m getting a good steady stream of people here to check out my blog and it’s so greatly appreciated. I’d also like to say some people may call this hard work, but I can’t, it’s what I love to do and I often times can’t do it enough.

As you can tell we’re just getting started here at MMI. It helps that the NFL scouting combine was here to help us kick things off, but we’re just warming up the blog roll here trying to get an idea of what works well.

Well I can tell you what I have planned all the way up until draft day. Complete wall to wall coverage of free agency over the next two weeks even if the Bears don’t make a signing we’ll likely cover some of the signings our NFC north rivals are making.

What that’s just easy stuff and filler you say?

Okay how about extended in-depth reporting on Pro Days of prospects that at positions of need the Bears need. We’ll give you a complete blow by blow run down how Michael Oher performed at his pro-day, how did Phil Loadholdt look in Norman has he lost some more of his weight?

What about Means at Indiana Heyward-Bay in Maryland, Robiskie at Ohio State. William Moore at Missouri, Malcom Jenkins and will improve his 40-yard dash time enough to be considered a top CB prospect or can he possibly fall to the Bears at 18 as a free-safety?

There will be plenty of in depth coverage leading up to the draft.

Plus there will be updates from one of the earliest mandatory veteran mini-camps to take place in NFL history on March 17-19. That’s right as things move along the new coaches will get a first hand look at our Chicago Bears prior to the draft. The new staff will be able to better gauge where the veterans are at and better form a plan prior to the draft taking place. We’ll have complete insider coverage of that as well.

All sorts of exciting things will be happening with the Chicago Bears this spring. Why miss a moment of it? While the Cubs and the Sox are trudging through the equivalent of 1/4 of a season in spring training games trying to iron out the obvious you can be here keeping up on the most important aspects of the Chicago Bears.

All the in-depth coverage you would expect on other websites but don’t get unless the little guy like me comes and pokes them in the eye you’ll find right here. While the giant newspapers are worried about whether or not they should start charging YOU for their online coverage, you’ll find it all here for free at MMI. You’ get the guaranteed best and most in-depth coverage you can find here on the web because that’s what I strive to do.

Things happen on a near daily basis in the NFL, one way or another and I know if you’re here you want more than just a once a week blog update that says “Kyle Orton is still the starting QB and the Bears are hoping for veteran help” or “Can the Bears replace Mike Brown?” or my all time favorite “What do you think about Rex Grossman?”

I promise to provide the most comprehensive analysis and coverage you can’t find anywhere else on the web and you watch….other web sites will copy my lead.

But as always this blog is about you the readers so if you have any ideas or any questions I ask you to please hit me with your comments and or suggestions. I can’t have all the good ideas so I’ll need your help, please feel free to e-mail me at


and I’ll work to put your content idea to good use.

But really I appreciate all the people who have stopped by and I look forward to making this the best blog on the web.


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2 Responses to “What is there more to talk about at MMI?”

  1. David M Says:

    Hey Brett,
    good first week on your blog. I enjoyed reading yuor stuff on a daily basis. And even though Im a Lions fan, you keep me interested with your good content. As you know, Im working on my hybrid mock draft right now, and once I reach the Bears pick, I’ll be sure to let you know a little bit in advance!

    Thanks for popping by the other day,


  2. monstersofthemidwayillustrated Says:

    If only Republicans and Democrats could get along as well as we do this place would be a lot better place.

    Thanks for the props I’ve been keeping up with your mock draft day by day checking out the poll etc.

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