Free agent frenzy in 18 hours what next?

The Bears addressed an immediate need today by signing Frank Omiyale a versatile offensive tackle from the Carolina Panthers who could wind up playing left guard in the future if Josh Beekman moves inside to center as expected. Omiyale has the same level of versatility that John St Clair had to this franchise but he’s younger and you would have to assume more affordable. Affordable in that St Clair was probably offered the same level of money that Omiyale was and turned it down thus hitting the free agent market on Thursday night.

So with the initial free agency frenzy almost in the books after 18 hours who is left? Essentially anyone that the Bears could want if they feel the price is right. Though its apparent the Bears are likely following a strict criteria which may not sit well with some Bears fans the only thing is certain is that Angelo is doing something none of us thought would happen a mere 18 hours ago.

The debate in Chicagoland wasn’t who the Bears would sign, it was would the Bears sign anyone at all? Now we find out that no one really now knows what the Angler is up to. The running line of thought was and still pretty much is that the Bears will do nothing. However Angelo already proved us wrong in a matter of five hours so the new thought should be let’s calm down and see what happens before the draft.

Angelo has proven before that he can go any route he wants with this franchise. He can make a sudden signing like he did today or he can wait it out see where things are and see who is left standing at the end of the day. Bears fans should recall that Lance Briggs was on the open market for quite some time before he re-signed with the Bears so it’s important for the Bears to not knee jerk react to the first 18 hours and see how things pan out.

It would be nice to have all the money to throw around like Dan Snyder of the Redskins does on a nearly annual basis but then you’d be stuck with showing off three Lombardi trophies won in a completely different era, under a completely different ownership group with a completely different coach. For now Snyder is the talk of the league, but a year from now he could be mocked for making another bone-headed free agent signing that cost his team too much money.

One thing we must remember though is free-agency isn’t like national signing day in college. It’s an ongoing process of evaluations and decisions that lasts a couple months before teams focus the last week of the energy in April to strictly the draft and the decisions that entails.

There are still some good players to be had, Nate Washington is a popular choice as a WR, Bryant Johnson as well. Recently released guard Brandon Moore looks like a very enticing prospect, but how much money he is commanding is another aspect of the equation likely to be considered. The Bears are fairly comfortable with Josh Beekman and his development at guard and Angelo has gone on record as saying he is pretty comfortable with Beekman’s play from last year.

Additionally just how things eb and flow so drastically is being reported right now. Roberto Garza’s play has fallen out of favor with the team and he is now in danger of losing his job to Omiyale. Omiyale is being slated to play guard and the Bears are still wanting John St Clair to return. It appears that his immediate future may be at guard and if the Bears don’t manage to sign St Clair then he could take over at RT.

This recently updated news could mean that the Bears are in the market for another player as a contingency to losing St. Clair.

So while it seems like nothing is likely to happen and the cult like hype of the off-season for football addicts is at it’s annual peak, it’s important to remember that patience is a virtue and Rome wasn’t built in 18 hours.


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