Breaking News: Bears Add OT Frank Omiyale

Jerry Angelo proved a lot of detractors wrong, including myself by singing former Carolina Pather offensive tackle Frank Omiyale to a four year $14-million deal in the early part of free agency Friday. Omiyale was the back up LT for the Carolina Panthers last year playing in 10 games behind Pro-Bowler Jordan Gross who was injured off and on.

Omiyale performed quite well in Gross’ spot which was enough to land him the offer from Chicago. Omiyale addresses an immediate need for the Bears who appear ready to drop out of the race for OT John St. Clair who started all 16 games at LT last year for Chicago. St Clair had thus far rejected the Bears’ offer to stay and reached the open market Thursday night.

A wise move by Angelo and I give him solid props for making this move on the account of Omiyale is only 26-years-old and has starting experience. He played well for a playoff team so you know expectations are high for him and he has that youth element which St. Clair lacked.

If St. Clair does not return I won’t be shedding any tears over his departure as the Bears needed to get younger and add experience. They did both with this free agency signing and added a player who could start immediately at RT.

Most certainly I can eat any negative words I have spewed about Angelo with this free agent deal. He has proved a lot of critics wrong and if you were out scouting around for free agent stories prior to the free agency period opening you knew that there was a negative buzz surrounding the Bears doing nothing.

The follow up question would be do the Bears take an O-Lineman on the second day of the draft and potentially develop him for four years down the line? My guess is the Bears most assuredly won’t take an OT on day 1 of the draft now which narrows their draft focus a bit. This is always a good thing to fill holes as you go, again good move by Jerry Angelo.

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One Response to “Breaking News: Bears Add OT Frank Omiyale”

  1. David M Says:

    Well, I guess this gives the Bears more freedom to select the best player available, instead of drafting for need in round 1 or two. I hadn’t heard of Omiyale until today. He certainly seems like an intriguing choice.
    Is he large enough to play right tackle?

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