Combine Review DBs: Looking for safety help

Yeah so suddenly I discovered how much of an idiot I am. Why am I an idiot? Because of the difference between the official times on the 40-yard dash and the unofficial times which I have been referencing.

The unofficial times that are being referenced are hand timed by someone on the set of the NFL network. Me thinking that an unofficial time was much like an unofficial NASCAR race result (it’s reported by the scouting combine but then adjusted by video or what have you) where they give you initial results and then make them official later on down the line.

Well unfortunately for my own idiocy my assumption about the unofficial time was wrong. So by giving unofficial times throughout this blog like I have, I have been giving hand timed 40 yard dashes from a grip on the NFL network site.

The whole time I thought they were just simply adjusting things here and there to make it official. Instead they don’t give the official times until quite later on in the process. My bad, my stupidity it won’t happen again.

Not that it really matters what they ran in the 40-yard dash in the first place. You can argue matter for RBs, WRs, and DBs, arguably some LBs. But not much else.

So anyway these times I’ll have going are official times from one of the official websites.

I guess if I were going to worry about something and if you like going by 40-yard dash times one of the biggest concerns I have is how out of the safeties that ran only two ran 40-yard dashes in the 4.4 range. Everyone else was at 4.5 or above. Last year’s crop of safeties were a bit faster than that.

The major safeties of interest that ran:

William Moore from Missouri 6-0 221-pounds his 40-yard dash time was an average 4.56. That’s like average, not average as in good, average as in a grade of C. That’s how I’ll wade into the importance of 40-yard dash times debate. If Moore stays in the 221-pound range I see no reason teams should try to move him to WILL linebacker as has been rumored.

Patrick Chung from Oregon lined up at 5-11 212-pounds which is fine by me for safety size. Admittedly what I find to be ideal is around the 6-2 215-pound range running a low 4.5 or in the mid 4.4 range. But a prospect can have all measurables in the world, Josh Barrett from ASU sure did, but with 6-2 225-pounds and 4.36 speed in the 40-yard dash last year. Who wouldn’t want a safety with those sort of measurables? Then you go and look at the tape of Barrett or in my case watch him play football for four years at ASU and realize he shouldn’t have even been drafted.

So what do we hear about Patrick Chung from Oregon? We hear he’s not afraid to stick his nose into a tackle and he plays well. He doesn’t have all the ideal things you want in a safety, but he does everything you want good to well. I suppose that’s fine enough for me, but I don’t recall him making a ton of plays in the ASU v. Oregon games that I saw. However taking my ASU bias to a semi-neurotic level ASU didn’t have a lot of RB in the past two seasons that really had the ability to make a safety look like a fool.

Now that I look at Chungs bio he had a career high 15 tackles against ASU in 2007. Oregon has never been really known for their great players in the secondary. They have struggled for years to stop the pass been torched pretty consistently. So I don’t know why Chung is rated so high. Probably because he makes a ton of tackles in the run game. Oregon’s defense has always been built to stop the run. It’s why they beat Michigan two years in a row.

So to write, there’s not really that big play maker type safety. The question is, is there a player that is comparable to Mike Brown? Chung fits that mold, Moore too guys that can come up and stick a guy in the running game, but won’t blow coverage ala Danieal Manning in the Cover-2 defense.


2 Responses to “Combine Review DBs: Looking for safety help”

  1. david maziasz Says:

    I agree that there doesnt seem to be a safety that is truly dominant.
    Although, Taylor Mays of USC will be the top player on my wish list for next year. The guy is a freak of nature.

    • monstersofthemidwayillustrated Says:

      Bleh Taylor Mays to me is overrated and over hyped. The kid is a freak of an athlete sure, but then again everything that comes out of USC is supposed to be the next big thing. Mays for all his freakish ability has failed to impress me. He hasn’t been the type guy that makes you say WOW with plays that he makes.

      He is a good player but is he a guy that leaves you with your jaw agape? Hardly.

      Joe McKnight is pretty fast I think he comes out after next year. He’s not like Reggie Bush mind you but I think hits the hole harder. He’s kind of that guy that doesn’t hesitate with a juke he’s a one cut then go type of guy which could be better suited for the NFL. I also think McKnight isn’t being utilized in the base way possible to take advantage of his strengths. I don’t think he’s as good in the open field as Reggie Bush was.

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