Angelo’s comments shift blame

Here we go again the Chicago media attempting to manufacture a story during the time of the year where people actual care to read about the Bears. Perhaps the media should come up with something a little more than manufactured troubles within the Bears organization.

More telling they should hold the GM’s feet to the fire and hold him to a higher level of accountability. Angelo has not done a lot to help his coach missing on some serious draft picks and certainly not going out and making much of a splash in free agency.

The offensive line is in tatters, the safety position a joke, WRs are likely the worst and least talented of any group in the NFL and it’s essentially be the status quo for quite some time.

One of Jerry Angelo’s biggest contributions going out and getting an old and aging Muhsin Muhammad and paying him some of the highest money ever for a Chicago Bear. Then last year completely neglecting the WR core all together after cutting the unproductive Muhammad and letting the leading receiver walk in free agency. What was already a shaky core last year became a disaster in 2008.

Now Angelo is faced with having to pay starter’s money to a back up at OT in John St. Clair. Plus finding a safety to replace the oft injured Mike Brown and Angelo is already counting on speed bump Craig Steltz to do it. Steltz by the way is a disaster with a lack of speed to make plays on top of his flailing tackling attempts in support.

Angelo’s words essentially made it clear to not count on much help from him to help fill out the roster. Which shows just how clueless he is when it comes to where the 9-7 Bears are at. The Bears have so many needs that it’s appalling to consider that only better motivation and better coaching will keep the team from spiraling into the depths of failure and mediocrity.

The bottom line is great organizations move forward and attempt to get better on an annual basis. They don’t throw their hands up and say well it’s not on me to fix the roster, it’s on you to coach better. But therein may hopefully lay the golden ticket to getting Angelo fired along with Lovie Smith upon the Bears’ impending failure in 2009. Smith is Angelo’s hire, his man his choice to put the Bears where they are, and if he’s a failure in the end so is Jerry Angelo.


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