One on One Battles at the Combine?

I may be about to show my ignorance in this post so forgive me ahead of time. I’m sure there is a legitimate reason for and a rule against as to why they don’t allow simple one on one battles at the combine like they do other places. I mean consider they do have the Senior Bowl, but what good is the Senior Bowl when you have so many under classmen that come out for the NFL draft every year?

Perhaps you don’t have the O-Lineman versus D-Lineman, but I would love to see a little CB versus WR action going on with the QBs throwing live balls. Maybe you are in favor of a little more live action between the lineman or even some pads all together. Something to show us what they can do in a more physical setting, the best of the best against each other. We’ve seen what they can do against other college kids some as young as true freshman. Now should we see them against each other in some sort of a more competitive setting?

Given the length of time between the combine and the draft wouldn’t it be fair to have one more All-Star game or longer workout sessions at the combine? I think it’s a fair question to raise given that an NFL coach and GM are investing millions of dollars into some of these kids. I feel it would most definitely give coaches a better chance to evaluate these kids against better competition.

Why this point hasn’t been raised before is something that should be answered and more simply pondered.


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