Kyle Orton is the starter…PERIOD

Love Smith came out yesterday and said Kyle Orton is the starting QB heading into fall camp. Little doubt has been raised after Orton performed as well as any Bears QB in the last 10 years. Nor should there be any controversy regarding Orton as the starter. He is the man and his performance was only hindered by an ankle injury and a lack of a true receiver threat.

So heading into the draft the question naturally would be should the Bears bring in another QB? The answer is an emphatic no for a few reasons.

1) Caleb Hanie showed enough to be a young QB in development as a possible #2 option.

2) The Bears need a solid veteran as a back up option to help bring along Orton and to push him to keep improving.

3) The 2009 QB class is woefully short on talent.

Expanding on point one Mel Kiper Jr. may not be well respected but a lot of times he can be right. Obviously when he’s wrong people criticize him for being so wrong. But Kiper saw something in Hanie and proclaimed as much after he wasn’t drafted. Then when he was picked up by the Bears as a free agent Kiper mentioned how it was such a good pick up for the Bears. That he has the arm strength to make all the NFL throws amongst other positives.

Then in pre-season games Hanie performed quite well throughout. He looked very Kyle Ortonesque as a rookie playing pre-season ball. This was quite promising and with continued development Hanie could push Orton for the starting position in another year or two.

Even with that said the Bears could be in the market for a veteran. Someone who can come in and immediately push Orton. Orton being pushed by Grossman was good for the team and good for his development. It motivated Orton for the first time in his career and the result was Orton winning the starting job and then cementing himself as the starter. Someone pushing Orton will only help keep him motivated and if he is willing to work with Orton make him better.

Regarding the draft Mathew Stafford looks to be the only legit QB that could be a potential stand out. Mark Sanchez and the USC hype aside Sanchez is less talented than either Matt Leinart or Carson Palmer, he is also less experienced than the two former Trojan alumni. Leinart has struggled to develop into anything much other than a drunk who likes to cavort with women, and Palmer is on a team full of jail birds and ME ME ME destructive receiver in Ocho Cinco.

Having watched all of Sanchez’s career in Pac-10 country I am not nearly as impressed as the rest of the media is. All to often a prospect rides a wave of hype off a great bowl game performance into an NFL pay day, but from there rarely pans out into a great player. Sanchez is the benefit of the USC and L.A. media market hype machine. A prospect I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole and a prospect who would likely be at best the fourth best QB available in this draft had Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford not decided to return for their senior years.

That is the best way to project a QB class two players that don’t have the talent or tools of last year’s first round QBs and are behind two kids still in college. So when you have a situation where there is little to NO quarterbacks in the draft talent pool, prospects benefit by the sheer need of a QB. Sanchez is that type of player, a beneficiary of basic supply and demand, there is a demand for QB talent in the first round every year, and in this year the supply is bad.

I’d like to know what Dan Pompei is smoking because it must be some really good stuff to think so HIGHly of Mark Sanchez

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