OT John Tait Set to Retire

Perhaps one of the best free agency aquistions of general manager Jerry Angelo’s tenure is that of offesnive tackle John  Tait.  Tait joined the Bears from the Kansas City Chiefs in 2004 via free agency and has been a stalwort on the Bears’ offensive line since then.

However that tenure appears at an end as the 10-year veteran seems to be on the verge of calling it a career.  In 2008 he moved from the left side to the right side and seemed to struggle at times in pass protection.  That struggling one could easily surmise is a result of being a bit long in the tooth by NFL standards.

While Tait is only a 10-year veteran he is a bit older than the average NFL player because of the fact he took two years off in college to complete a mission.  34-year-old offensive tackles with nagging injuries of the ankle don’t typically continue to dominate long the closer they get to 40.

So now the question is will the Bears draft an offensive tackle in the first round for the second year  in a row?

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